Thursday, 2 February 2012

Campaign Description – Promoting the reading of newspapers.

The basis that I am going to base my Graphic Strategies & Principles is encouraging the general public to gain readership of newspapers nationally. I will hopefully build a successful visual identity palette that will respond to distinct demographics or of a wide range of ages. This could be split into different working class or ethnicity? I think in general I would like to focus on promoting and encouraging people to read more newspapers, not specifically focusing on a certain demographic although I will explore this is research and statistics. I think the approach that I am going to need to explore will be based around ensuring the public that there is ‘something for everyone’ and also the possibility of exclusivity in reading newspapers. As then they would be getting news that they wouldn’t necessarily get anywhere else.

I think because my visual identity is going to be aimed at all ages and backgrounds I will need to create a palette that is not only relevant and understanding but very clear and comfortable to read and view. Some of the ideas I have began to look in to are based around the tradition of reading a newspaper. The whole tradition reading a newspaper that you are holding, finding yourself reading articles that you believed you would never be interested in but being presented by them, you are suddenly held on by their appealing titles and almost forced to finish the article could be used to my advantage here and brought to life through design in some way to promote something that you are not going to get from simple reading on your mobile phone or portable tablet.

Newspapers are simple. They are cheap, disposable, and easy to replace. You can carry them around with you anywhere and don’t require and wires, and a wireless Internet connection! You have a wide range of selection of daily and weekly newspapers that don’t cost a fortune to buy. Prices can range from being absolutely free to only one or two pounds. Also, you don’t have to renew every 30 days as you would with a phone contract, Internet connection etc.

Another possible area I could focus on could be promoting the reading of local and regional newspapers. I could be trying to encourage the local people to read their newspapers. Not only to get general news, as opposite to the national news but also promote the aspect of helping your local business? I think that some people feel very committed to buying their local newspapers and could promote this point to the people who don’t but their local newspaper and rely on regional and local news to the daily regional news on TV or the Internet.

In conclusion, I think that I will definitely be more drawn towards the exclusivity for readers. Promoting that you will find newspapers are not only a reliable but interesting source for facts and information you would never generally study and be fascinated by.

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